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Would your office and team benefit from a presentation related to mental health? Topics such as Effective Communication, Team Building, Self-Care and Stress Management are just a few of the workshops we provide. We can custom create a workshop specifically for your specific needs. We also offer trainings related to working with the LGBTQIA community. We provide trainings to residential treatment facilities, medical offices and other health care providers as well as any employer looking to provide more knowledge for staff related to gender and sexually diverse individuals.


Would you like to consult with Dr. Lowenthal? Are you a clinician new to working within the LGBTQIA population? Would you like to consult regarding a client? Please contact Dr. Lowenthal to discuss how she can help!

Are you a clinician looking to build a thriving private practice? Dr. Traci offers practice building coaching!


Are you looking to receive supervision for your hours as an intern or pre-licensed clinician? Contact Dr. Lowenthal to discuss opportunities to work with Creative Insights Counseling! 


Are you ready for a healthier, more loving relationship?

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Welcome to Creative Insights! We are so happy that you have begun to explore whether counseling is right for you! We want to share a little about us. At Creative Insights we work diligently toward helping you reach your goals. While all our therapists have extensive education and experience, we recognize that you are the real expert in the room. YOU understand YOUR life and YOUR challenges best....Continue Reading

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